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Get the Glow

In this original Lifewize workshop, you will learn how to connect to your inner passionate energy and experience greater pleasure, fulfillment and joy in your daily life.  This workshop invites you to examine how your sexual language is currently speaking. Often, how you show up in one area of your life can be indicative of how you show up in all areas of your life.  If you are blocked, especially sexually, you are limiting the amount of creative energy available to engage in the present moment.

From Get the Glow, you will learn how to overcome potential obstacles and access your sexual energy as well as keep your connection open and alive. You will gain an understanding of the many options you can bring into your passionate and sexual expressions, and be empowered to choose what intention you want behind all your actions.

This is a “for women only” workshop.  You do not need to be in a relationship to find tremendous value in attending. On the contrary, whether in relationship or not, you are still a sexual being. You must connect with your own sexual self before you can consciously and intimately connect with another.

Sexual energy is an amazing, youthful and powerful life source that can enhance all aspects of your daily life.

The Four Agreements incorporated into daily living

This 6 week course uses the Four Agreements Companion Guide by Miguel Ruiz. Meeting weekly for 2 hour sessions in a small group, this course supports individuals in becoming awakened and empowered to live their daily life in alignment with the integrity of self-love.