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May 2nd, 2016
Being a Fit

When we start new relationships, whether professional, personal, or romantic, it can be easy to want to try to be what you think the other person will like.  People pleasing is something that many of us practice so much growing up, we do it without considering if we are also pleasing ourselves.

I propose that the best way to be in relationship with another, whether a new or old connection, is to focus on being your best most loving self, quirks and all.

While it can be hard to be the true you, opening up to being accepted or rejected by those in your life, over time it becomes much harder always trying to please another person, especially when you’re not actually being yourself.

If someone doesn’t like you, or you don’t like someone else, it doesn’t make either of you wrong or bad, simply not a fit.
We cannot be a fit with everyone.
I invite you to be you – fit into your own self – exactly as you are – without judgment –
only love.
And in this way, you will also attract to you those who are a fit and will celebrate and adore the real you.

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