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September 2nd, 2010
Beyond the odds

“Never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were meant to do.”

     Often we stop ourselves before we’ve every really started.  We believe in the limitations that others tell us.  We let other people’s doubts, and worldly statistics hold us back with fear of inevitable failure. 
     How do people beat the odds? 
     What does the heart actually know?
     Every person is a wealth of amazing abilities.  This doesn’t mean you have to be perfect in your abilities in order to succeed.  What you do have to be is committed and you must be willing to persevere.  You must believe in yourself, trust your intuitions and feelings, and know that whatever successes or failures come your way, you can handle them. 
     So take a risk, listen to your heart’s voice.  Rather than focusing on limitations, keep believing in possibilities, no matter how remote they may seem or others may think.  You are only guaranteed to lose if you never risk trying.
     What risk is your heart telling you to take today?

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