strive to be the best reflection


January 23rd, 2017
Be it. Now

What you Think..And what you Feel..And what Manifests is always a match, Every single time No Exception
– Esther Hicks

Rather than be unhappy about what you want that you don’t think you have or don’t think you are, I invite you to imagine you’ve already taken the necessary steps to become the very thing you desire…Whether it’s confidence, wealth, health, love, success…Imagine how you will feel when you’ve attained it…How will you act and behave?  How will you treat yourself and others?

Then start acting, behaving, and treating yourself and others in this manner, as if it’s already so.
Be the manner you believe you will be once you reach your dreams and goals.
And follow through on the tangible action steps that support you in continuing to grow more of your dreams and goals.

This is the practice that will attract to you, sustain, and expand that which you desire in your life.

Feel it.
Follow through.
Be it.  Now

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