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January 9th, 2017
Getting Hooked

We only get hooked where we have a hole…

Our holes are our tender spots – the areas within ourselves where we believe we are lacking, limited, or not good enough.
Our insecurities make these areas easy for us to get hooked by someone else’s bait and wire.
The more we live based on external validation, the more we live in a state of anxiety and susceptible to the hooks of others.

However, the more we internally validate ourselves, the more we can live in peace as we eliminate our holes from the reach of other people’s hooks. ¬†As we trust we are good enough, limitless, and abundant in our worthiness, we fill in our holes with our own love.
This supports us in being balanced and empowered, so we no longer are able to be hooked by others, regardless of their efforts.


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