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October 3rd, 2016
Redefining Perfection

I had the pleasure last week of speaking to my daughter’s sorority at University of Arizona, to give the young women a gift of hindsight…

Many of my clients struggle to find satisfaction and joy in their daily lives due to an attachment to attaining and maintaining an external measurement of perfection – an extreme achievement.

While I believe we are intended to grow and expand throughout our lives, I believe that the most “perfect” any of us can be in any moment is to be our most authentic true self, aspiring to be our best, coming from love.

I propose we adjust the definition of the word perfect. ┬áRather than have it be something that sets us up to fail more often than not, how about we define it as something that we can succeed in…

Using the Toltec wisdom from Miguel Ruiz, as long as we are being the best we can be in any given moment, is there really any more ultimate achievement we can make?

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