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August 22nd, 2016
Looking through the Lens

I heard a joke about eye doctors…You’re in bed and your lover, the eye doctor says, “Do you like it better like this or like that? Better 1 or 2? How about 2 or 3?”

When we go to the eye doctor, they test our vision by placing lenses over our eyes to see if things look sharper or more blurry.

I believe that every experience you have in life, especially the more traumatic ones, create a lens that blurs your reality and distorts it.  Experience after experience, new lenses get added, and your vision must continually adjust to the blur until you believe it is clear.  Adjusting to your new lens is a process of convincing yourself that this distortion is actually a true, clear reflection.

As we grow in awareness of these lenses and the ways they are influencing our perceptions of life, especially the negative and self-diminishing ones, then we can start to let go of each lens, one by one.

With each lens that we lose, we gain in clarity of vision.
Through this process, you can awaken to the truth of life and love and the perfection that is you in your purest state of being.

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