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August 15th, 2016
Repeating Patterns

Sometimes it takes going through a similar situation under new circumstances for a pattern to reveal itself within you.

It is not the person, place, or thing that is the issue.  It’s your responsibility to take ownership of the pattern and change it.  They are actually giving you the opportunity to heal yourself by illuminating what you would benefit from doing differently moving forward.

Patterns can be sneaky, they can show up looking completely different, only to be revealed over time to be yet again, the same thing.

Tune into your internal sensations, feelings, and behaviors.  If they feel unpleasantly familiar, explore if they are truly about the now, or if they are only about the past, or perhaps they are revealing to you a pattern that you are perpetuating from the past into the present.  If you are ready to release the pattern, examine what behaviors within yourself require changing and choose to fearlessly and consciously be different moving forward.

In order for you to be in healthier relationships with others, you must continue to grow healthier in relationship with yourself.

Life is merely a reflection of each of our internal worlds.  If you’re not happy with a pattern in your external world, go within and start to shift things internally.

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