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August 2nd, 2016
Opening yourself to abundance

Tomorrow’s new moon is a perfect time to open your arms to receive…

What would you like to receive more of in your life?  Money?  Sex?  Love?  Friendship?  Professional promotion?  Personal passion?

I remember the joke of the man asking God to win the lottery…Day after day he asked, Please!!, always wondering why it never happened for him.  Finally after complaining again to God, the skies opened and God said to the man, Then buy a ticket!!!

For a while I was asking the Universe for miracles and blessings each day.

That’s when my allergies started and I began sneezing frequently.
One day it occurred to me, I was sneezing so much I was getting blessed throughout the day – by both strangers and loved ones, every where I sneezed!

That’s when I questioned, what am I truly open to receiving?  I know I’m worthy of a “bless you” after a sneeze, but like most humans, the doubts that come from questioning our true worthiness are something that we must overcome.

Know you deserve it all and more than you even imagined.
And truly open your arms to receive.

For days after, when I would sneeze and be blessed, my thank you came with the blessing of a chuckle!

Part of receiving miracles and blessings include allowing them the room to show up in creative and unique ways that are different than how you expect!


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