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Relationships take effort

Monday, March 20th, 2017

Effort and a willingness to communicate through individual “realities” in order to find shared understanding and solution to move forward harmoniously is what makes relationships thrive.

When we shut down in relationship with another, due to anger, perception, or attachment to being right, we prevent the relationship from growing.

Language is challenging and necessary for communication.  However, we all have trigger words, and definitions to words that someone else may or may not share.  As a result, we don’t always hear people the way they are speaking.  Even if we do, if we’re not happy with what we are hearing, unless we are willing to put the effort into clearing up something that feels wrong to us, we essentially halt the relationship.

Everything grows, or it withers and dies.  This is true not only for plants and trees, but for relationships too.

Not all relationships will feel worth the effort.  Everyone is allowed to make that choice.
However, if you want to grow yourself, and you want to grow with another, effort and willingness to put in the time and energy is what it takes.

What effort are you contributing to your relationships today?

One in a Billion

Monday, March 13th, 2017

One time I told someone, who didn’t know me, that I was one in a million…As soon as I was called on it, I backed down to 1 in 500,000.
I’ve grown a lot since then…So has our population…Now I can comfortably say, I am one in a billion.

I believe everyone is one in a billion…However, many of us feel afraid of truly being who we are, our quirks, our idiosyncrasies, our likes, and dislikes.  We fear the judgment from others.  Although it’s really our own judgment that plagues us.  It is what we think about ourselves that makes us feel bad or good.

I am committed to being the one in a billion that I Am, loving even that which I may not like about myself, and being confident from the depths of my heart.

I invite you to be your one in a billion self too.