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Monday, February 27th, 2017

When you receive validation from another, it can be wonderful…Like winning an award.
It is a recognition, and positive recognition always feels great.

However, when you require validation from others, in order to feel good enough, or to trust that your best efforts are worthy, you are setting yourself up to only feel good when others say so.

If I know I’m doing my best, and giving my all, with pure intention and from a place of love, then I validate myself as doing great.
Whether my efforts are received or appreciated by others, has much less to do with me, and much more to do with them.

I can only be who I am.  I am that I am.  This is everything.
From this vantage point, I can celebrate and enjoy validation from others, however, it is not the determinant of how I feel about myself.

External validation is fleeting.  Internal validation is sustaining.
I invite you to rely upon yourself.  You’re the one who really knows how you’re being.  Be someone you can easily validate.

Being Love

Monday, February 20th, 2017

We spend so much time “doing”, it is easy to forget we are human “beings”.

I believe Love is the only Truth in our world and our lives.  The more we are being Love, the more we are being our true selves.

How do you show your love?  Through words, through a smile, through a thought, through a hug…?

The more you show your love, the more love will be reflected back to you…Hug, kiss, hold, delight and celebrate the love that is in your life.
It is you.  It is life.

Be Love!

Releasing Resistance

Monday, February 13th, 2017

Last Wednesday, I flew from Tucson to Phoenix on my way home to Philadelphia…I had just enough time to crank up my cardio and run from one gate all the way to the next to board my second flight, when I noticed red writing after my flight on the information screen as I ran past.  Unsure what it was, I stopped only to discover my flight had been canceled, due to an impending snow storm that wasn’t suppose to start for 5 hours after I was scheduled to land.

I was pissed.  Sweat dripping under my coat from my running, enhanced with my anger, I was feeling very hot, and not in the way I usually enjoy feeling hot.

I observed myself not wanting to accept this change in plan.  I was already on my way.  What was I going to do now?

During this whole time, I continued to feel uncomfortable and unsettled within.

As soon as I let go of what I had expected to unfold, and what I thought I had wanted, I could embrace what was happening.  I determined the best plan of action, and then was able to find the silver lining that came with it, as I boarded the bus back to Tucson for another 24 hours with my sister.

Releasing the resistance enabled me to return to a centered space of peace within my being and to access joy for the unexpected gift I was gaining rather than the perceived loss.

As I moved into trusting that all was unfolding perfectly for me, I could be present again in the moment I was in, and enjoy the gems that were part of this unexpected experience.

How often do you resist what is?