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Imagine Better

Monday, January 30th, 2017

During these times of chaos and polarized opinions, it is easy to feel angry, misunderstood, unseen, disgusted, offended…This is a lot of negative energy coursing through you.
I invite you to transmute the nature of this energy and use it to motivate uplifting, inspired action through your creativity and imagination.

The passion provoked during these times is fuel that can positively effect change in the world. However, the initial catabolic energy must be purified into anabolic energy to do good.  As you become increasingly elevated, you can access more of this power within to imagine and create better.

Imagine beyond limits. Imagine beyond fears.  Imagine with wild abandon.  Imagine the most magnificent, and then envision even more so…We have the power to make our world better.  We must imagine possibilities beyond hate and anger, into love and unification.

It is time for each of us to start imagining better.

Be it. Now

Monday, January 23rd, 2017

Rather than be unhappy about what you want that you don’t think you have or don’t think you are, I invite you to imagine you’ve already taken the necessary steps to become the very thing you desire…Whether it’s confidence, wealth, health, love, success…Imagine how you will feel when you’ve attained it…How will you act and behave?  How will you treat yourself and others?

Then start acting, behaving, and treating yourself and others in this manner, as if it’s already so.
Be the manner you believe you will be once you reach your dreams and goals.
And follow through on the tangible action steps that support you in continuing to grow more of your dreams and goals.

This is the practice that will attract to you, sustain, and expand that which you desire in your life.

Feel it.
Follow through.
Be it.  Now

It is none of your business…

Monday, January 16th, 2017

When you live according to external validation from others, and negative interpretations of self as an inner dialogue, it is easy to believe that other people make us do things, make us not do things, feel certain ways, not feel certain ways…

The solution is to not personalize others, positively or negatively.
Instead, stay connected to your truth, what you think about yourself.
If it’s not agreeable, explore what you want to shift to become better for you.
If agreeable, however, trust that is enough, and then choose what you want to do,
how you want to feel, who you want to be…
This IS your business!


Getting Hooked

Monday, January 9th, 2017

Our holes are our tender spots – the areas within ourselves where we believe we are lacking, limited, or not good enough.
Our insecurities make these areas easy for us to get hooked by someone else’s bait and wire.
The more we live based on external validation, the more we live in a state of anxiety and susceptible to the hooks of others.

However, the more we internally validate ourselves, the more we can live in peace as we eliminate our holes from the reach of other people’s hooks.  As we trust we are good enough, limitless, and abundant in our worthiness, we fill in our holes with our own love.
This supports us in being balanced and empowered, so we no longer are able to be hooked by others, regardless of their efforts.


Catch Up With Your Reflection

Monday, January 2nd, 2017

The new year often brings with it motivation for self-improvement.

As you contemplate how you want to grow and expand yourself this year, I invite you to first take a really good look at who you are today.
Sometimes we miss seeing our growth.  We keep expecting and believing ourselves to be how we used to be. We don’t even realize what we have become.

My guess is if you take an honest look at yourself, wearing glasses of self-love, you may be surprised by how amazing you are, even more so than ever!

Before deciding what you want the next level of your expression to be, I invite you to celebrate all you are today as you catch up with your reflection…