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Living My Song

Monday, December 26th, 2016

As I sing this song to myself now, I marvel at how, less than a decade later, I am living this song from my heart…

“Let go in the moment.  Release what you’re holding onto. Be who you are.
Let go of the judgment, good, bad, right, or wrong.  Be who you are.

I Am success, I Am passion, I Am health, I Am free.
I Am authentic, I Am fearless, I Am all that I can be.

It’s the doing, the doing of being, that leads to the feeling of success.
It’s the doing, the doing of being, that leads to fulfillment of success.
I’m committed to do the being of my best.

I Am blessed, I Am grateful, I Am blessed…I Am
I Am blessed, I Am grateful, I Am blessed…I Am”

As another year winds down, and a new one begins, may you all write the songs whispering in your heart, and then keep singing it, until one day you realize, your life IS your song…


What are you hearing?

Monday, December 12th, 2016

Active listening is truly challenging…Not only can it be hard to keep your own mind quiet enough to hear what someone else is saying, every word used triggers certain definitions and feelings in us that may or may not be what the other person means.  It can be very challenging to not want to say something back, to defend, or illuminate for the other person.  And so often, what we hear versus what the other person means can be very different.

Yet being heard and feeling heard can be one of the most intimate acts two human beings can engage in.

I invite you to be conscious of how well you’re hearing what is being said to you, and rather than make assumptions or build whole stories based on a few words according to your own definitions, consider asking more questions, gaining more clarification of what someone actually means.


Monday, December 5th, 2016

Life frequently goes in unexpected ways…Some surprises are wonderful beyond what we expect, while others are unwanted.

Being flexible and fluid will ensure you make the most of every unanticipated experience that comes your way, even when they are undesirable.  Sometimes opportunities or gifts that result from unwanted surprises may take time to see.

When we lose the feeling of control in our life due to surprise, it can be very challenging.
Some surprises feel like waking up into a nightmare, although other surprises can deliver you into a dream come true.

Whatever is happening in your life unexpectedly at this time, may you find peace and strength within your center to navigate the major swings that come from life’s surprises.  And may you be able to see the unexpected gifts that come your way, even from the surprises that are painful.