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Monday, August 29th, 2016

Words have many possible nuances and variations associated with their meaning.

Additionally, many of us have trigger words with specific interpretations that can cause us to have unexpected reactions.

I suggest you stay tuned in to the person you’re having a conversation with, and anytime they seem to not hear you by their response, or they have an unexpected response, ask them to define what the relevant word means to them.

The better we understand each other’s definitions of words and concepts, the better we can connect and understand each other’s realities.

Looking through the Lens

Monday, August 22nd, 2016

When we go to the eye doctor, they test our vision by placing lenses over our eyes to see if things look sharper or more blurry.

I believe that every experience you have in life, especially the more traumatic ones, create a lens that blurs your reality and distorts it.  Experience after experience, new lenses get added, and your vision must continually adjust to the blur until you believe it is clear.  Adjusting to your new lens is a process of convincing yourself that this distortion is actually a true, clear reflection.

As we grow in awareness of these lenses and the ways they are influencing our perceptions of life, especially the negative and self-diminishing ones, then we can start to let go of each lens, one by one.

With each lens that we lose, we gain in clarity of vision.
Through this process, you can awaken to the truth of life and love and the perfection that is you in your purest state of being.

Repeating Patterns

Monday, August 15th, 2016

Sometimes it takes going through a similar situation under new circumstances for a pattern to reveal itself within you.

It is not the person, place, or thing that is the issue.  It’s your responsibility to take ownership of the pattern and change it.  They are actually giving you the opportunity to heal yourself by illuminating what you would benefit from doing differently moving forward.

Patterns can be sneaky, they can show up looking completely different, only to be revealed over time to be yet again, the same thing.

Tune into your internal sensations, feelings, and behaviors.  If they feel unpleasantly familiar, explore if they are truly about the now, or if they are only about the past, or perhaps they are revealing to you a pattern that you are perpetuating from the past into the present.  If you are ready to release the pattern, examine what behaviors within yourself require changing and choose to fearlessly and consciously be different moving forward.

In order for you to be in healthier relationships with others, you must continue to grow healthier in relationship with yourself.

Life is merely a reflection of each of our internal worlds.  If you’re not happy with a pattern in your external world, go within and start to shift things internally.

Have a seat…

Monday, August 8th, 2016

While other people can influence us; our mood, our decisions, our actions; it is really up to us to maintain our personal empowerment, so we can be and do what’s truly right for us.

To hand over our power and then blame that other person, sets us up for trouble.
Doing something we think is right for someone else when it is not right for us, sets us up for trouble.
Taking actions based on assumptions and stories, whether ones we tell ourselves or others tell us, sets us up for trouble.

We are the only ones who get ourselves into trouble, and we are the only ones who can keep ourselves out of trouble.

Take a seat of ownership and rest easy in your own life, knowing you are the driver and in control.
Every relationship you have will benefit from this approach, most especially the one you have with yourself!

Opening yourself to abundance

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

What would you like to receive more of in your life?  Money?  Sex?  Love?  Friendship?  Professional promotion?  Personal passion?

I remember the joke of the man asking God to win the lottery…Day after day he asked, Please!!, always wondering why it never happened for him.  Finally after complaining again to God, the skies opened and God said to the man, Then buy a ticket!!!

For a while I was asking the Universe for miracles and blessings each day.

That’s when my allergies started and I began sneezing frequently.
One day it occurred to me, I was sneezing so much I was getting blessed throughout the day – by both strangers and loved ones, every where I sneezed!

That’s when I questioned, what am I truly open to receiving?  I know I’m worthy of a “bless you” after a sneeze, but like most humans, the doubts that come from questioning our true worthiness are something that we must overcome.

Know you deserve it all and more than you even imagined.
And truly open your arms to receive.

For days after, when I would sneeze and be blessed, my thank you came with the blessing of a chuckle!

Part of receiving miracles and blessings include allowing them the room to show up in creative and unique ways that are different than how you expect!