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Emotional Blackmailing

Monday, February 29th, 2016

Any time someone threatens to expose a real or false “truth” about you, you are being emotionally blackmailed.

People who tend to do this to others, typically do not feel good about themselves.
So they make themselves feel powerful by thinking they can impact someone else’s life.

If you are receiving emotional blackmailing, typically your first response will be to feel fear or anger.
Regardless of the emotion you feel, it is important to keep your personal power and make their threat unable to impact you.

If what they are “exposing” is false, then you can stand strong in your truth.

If what they are “exposing” is true, then you can stand strong in your self-acceptance.
We all do the best we can in any given moment.
Strength comes in being willing to accept the consequences of our behaviors.

Sometimes you might want to have a conversation with the important person in your life, who the blackmailer is threatening to expose you to, and share what is happening.

Sometimes you will feel your best choice is to not even entertain their story any further by engaging it at all.

Trust your intuition.  You will know the best way to handle the threat to minimize its impact on you and maintain your personal power.

Energy Work

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

For many years I did not engage in any energy work, and actually had little knowledge about it.  However, for the past few years, I have experienced many kinds of energy work from Reiki to acupuncture to body talk.

We are taught to go to doctors to take care of our bodies, to go to therapists for help with our minds, yet we don’t tend to seek support for our energy body, our spirit.

While you may go to church or temple to enrich your spirit, much like getting a teeth cleaning or help with a situation, giving yourself the gift of energy work can be more beneficial than you may imagine.

We are integrated energetic beings: mind, body, and spirit.
Caring for your energy body is as vital as caring for your physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

I invite you to consider an energy work session as a means of promoting your comprehensive health and well-being.
You are worth it!


Monday, February 15th, 2016

Being it’s the time of year that we celebrate Valentine’s Day, whether you’re currently in a relationship or not, I believe it’s very important to be grateful for the gifts within yourself.

I invite you to select a gratitude stone and place it somewhere that you will see frequently throughout the day.  Every time you notice it, stop and take a moment to breathe in something that you’re grateful for about yourself.

What we focus on is what we grow…What better way to grow the best parts of you!!

Team Work

Monday, February 8th, 2016

We are all members of many teams, whether intimate one-on-one relationships or larger groups, at work, in our community, for sports, or at home, from a significant other to family members and/or pets.

When every player does their part, a team can create an exponential result that individually would be impossible.

The experience of being part of a fluid team where everyone is anticipating, cooperating, communicating, and considering each other can be an amazing experience.

I invite you to contemplate the different teams you currently belong to and reflect on your part.
How are you contributing?

While we may not all be on a Super Bowl team or a performer in the half time show, every team we are on counts on us to be responsible for doing our part to contribute to its success.


Chronic Pain

Monday, February 1st, 2016

For a week, I’ve been suffering physical pain, due to a delayed diagnosis of an allergic reaction to a product.

Both my husband and my sister have been living with chronic pain for significantly longer that one week, even longer than a year.
Clearly, as seen in the above statistic, they are not alone.

What I have learned this past week is how hard it can be to rise above physical pain to be present in the rest of your life.
The idea of having to live with this level of discomfort for an indefinite amount of time created a sense of hopelessness and panic within, unsure of how long I could tolerate it.

Living with chronic pain is challenging on every level of your being.

I believe digging deep within your soul and working to heal yourself not only physically, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as well is the best we can do.
It requires giving yourself patiences, kindness, and love.
I invite you to validate yourself today.  Your pain is real.
Yet I also invite you to inspire yourself.  With hope and belief, over time, I believe your ability to heal yourself is also real.

To all those currently in pain, of any kind, I send my love to you.