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Was it a Blizz-ard or a Bliss-ard?

Monday, January 25th, 2016

Sometimes life piles up on you so much that the only way to get “out from under” may seem like an exhausting task of shoveling off all that has been dumped on you.

How do you approach your “digging out from under”?
Are you annoyed and pissed off?
Are you feeling like a victim, this happened to you?
Are you delighting in the beauty of what’s all around you?
Are you feeling empowered with your shovel in hand?
Are you grateful for the natural exercise?
Are you asking for help from others if you require it?
Are you suffering through it alone?

I propose that how you dig yourself out of a major snow storm can also reveal how you dig yourself out of all that life throws on you.

The beauty is that you can always choose…Approach with distain or approach with joy…This is what I believe can turn a blizz-ard into a bliss-ard.



Monday, January 18th, 2016

Few of us will leave as profound and expansive a legacy that reaches the extent of humanity that Reverend Martin Luther King has.
He was an extraordinary man with a powerful message.
However, I propose that we can all leave a meaningful legacy with beneficial rippling effects beyond the scope we may imagine.

You don’t have to be known all across the world to significantly and positively impact it.
Every one of us is creating our legacy every day.
How do you love?
How do you think?
How do you judge?
How do you speak?
How do you act?
How do you make other’s feel?
How do you make yourself feel?

In honor of Martin Luther King, I invite you to consider the legacy you are leaving through your actions, thoughts, and words.
What are you rippling through your circle of life, starting with yourself?

The Magical Ingredient

Monday, January 11th, 2016

If you want something to happen, you must believe it is possible.

You can do all the right things, say all the right things, and act in all the right ways to create what you desire, however, if you don’t actually believe deep down in your heart that it can come true, then it won’t.

Explore in the depths of your heart what you believe is possible for yourself and your life.
Make sure it’s what you actually want.
I invite you to overcome the doubts and fears your mind tries to convince you are “reasonable”.
Trust that as long as what you want is in alignment with love, you can create it for yourself.
Keep in mind, it may not happen how you think you want it, or in the timing you think it should.

Truly believing in what you desire is the magical ingredient that makes dreams come true.

In Honor of Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

While it may be true that opposites attract, each enamored and drawn initially to the other’s differences, I believe ultimately we all want to be with someone who is just like us!  This doesn’t mean you can’t have differences and be opposite in certain ways.

My husband and I met at a time when we were both no longer interested in trying to be what we thought someone else wanted.  We were committed to being ourselves, and from there determining if we were a fit or not.  If we weren’t, it wouldn’t make either of us good or bad, better or worse, simply not right for each other.

We didn’t try to be together.
Instead, we allowed each other to be who we actually are.

The result has been an amazing adventure of promoting each other to be our individual best, while also inspiring each other in growing as a couple….We have discovered we are naturally compatible in many fundamental ways and able to celebrate where each of us is unique.  Due to our love and pleasure being in this relationship and mutually wanting it to continue growing, we are motivated to work together to soften our edges wherever we’re not an exact fit and find middle spaces to connect between us.  In this way, we keep growing stronger within ourselves and in our love together.