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Holiday Times

Monday, December 28th, 2015

Holidays can be a time of celebration, yet they can also be a time of stress, over eating, over drinking, or loneliness.  They can leave you feeling unhappy, uncomfortable, and disconnected from yourself and others.

While there can also be much joy and holiday cheer, there can also be sadness and challenges, depending upon your current life circumstances.

Whatever this holiday time is for you, I invite you to listen to your inner voice, honor what you need, give yourself loving kindness, and make choices that are best for you.  This will set you up, along with those around you, for the best time possible during this holiday season.

Loving Long-term Marriage

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

Their answer – We always try to please the other!

It sounds simple, but it’s not always easy.  It’s more common to not trust that you’ll get what you want if you don’t do it for yourself, or demand it from another.

There are things that are our responsibility to take care of for ourselves, however, if you can approach your romantic relationship with the attitude of: I love my partner and always want to make choices whenever possible that I know will please them, it fosters a positive cycle.

Wanting to be kind and loving to each other, in actions as well as words, makes your time together enjoyable and wonderful.  We are receiving when we give.  However, both partners must approach the relationship with this attitude for it to work.

The beauty of this cycle is it brings out the best in both of you in relationship to the other, and promotes the continual growth of your love and trust, so you too can still be in love half a century later.

What I learned from eating a Twix

Monday, December 14th, 2015

There are several “sweet” teeth in my mouth.  One day, they beckoned me to the pantry where I came upon two mini Twix bars…The crunchy cookie with the gooey caramel and requisite chocolate swirling together in my mouth created a combination of delight for my tastebuds.  Yum!  This is why I required two.

Next I jumped into the shower.  Unfortunately at that moment, the mouth pleasure was over and now I was feeling fat and uncomfortable in my body, which moved me very quickly into disgust.  Why did I eat that candy bar?  I only feel worse now, fatter, miserable, and mad.  I started beating myself up.

All of a sudden it occurred to me:
Would I ever give my child a candy bar and then yell at them for eating it?  Why would I have given it to them to begin with?  Yet here I was doing that very thing to myself!

Immediately apologizing to my beautiful and amazing body, I realized that despite all the significant progress I have made in my journey so far, some of the deeper, old patterns of disconnect from the truth of my own love remain. Gratefully, I am still being shown the areas within myself requiring healing.  As I acknowledge, embrace, and then release what is no longer in alignment with my own unconditional love, I can truly move into being my most powerful, amazing self.

I invite you to observe where a simple action, such as eating a Twix, might be showing you an area for healing within yourself.


Monday, December 7th, 2015

When someone treats you in a way you find hurtful or distasteful, you almost can’t help but to judge them negatively. Right?  It’s easy to feel justified in doing so.

The negative judgments conjure negative thoughts in your mind.  These tap into all relatable negative feelings, including any seemingly relevant old buttons, which are only too eager to come back to life.  All of this results in you acting out in equally negative ways.

The truth is though, there are always more perspectives to a situation than we can see, which if we did, could make our judgments less justifiable.

Negatively judging the other person is actually only hurting you.
It makes you to feel badly inside and creates a block that prevents love from flowing through you.
Your negative judgments are constricting, like a steal door that won’t let love pass through anymore.

Even the people you may not enjoy engaging with are worthy of receiving your compassion and love in your thoughts and intentions.   Mostly because you are worthy!
You deserve to experience the maximum amount of bliss in this life possible.

Bliss comes through love.  The more love you can feel within, the greater your bliss can be.
When you allow yourself to be blocked by negativity towards another, you are limiting your own access to love and bliss.

I invite you to release your judgments and allow your heart to open wider for YOUR bliss!

My Courageous Sister

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

My sister has been one of my best friends my whole life.

Almost 9 months ago, her life came to a screeching halt.  She initially thought she had tweaked her sciatica…
And thus began a long journey that has resulted in 3 vertebrae in the middle of her spine being removed and replaced with titanium.

The physical pain and challenges she has endured, and continues to endure over these months has been intense.  The road to recovery often feels slow, and is requiring amazing perseverance. It could have caused her to shrink from life, give up in certain ways.

However, she is fighting.  Despite the continuing pain, she has managed to get off the highly addictive Oxycodone.
She was determined not to go from one rehab to another.  Something that could have easily happened under the circumstances.
It is through her conviction and incredible courage that she has achieved this impressive feat.

I want to toast my amazing, beautiful sister today, whom I love so much – she has always been an inspiration to me and she continues to be so.