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Our Part

Monday, November 23rd, 2015

As my husband and I prepare to host Thanksgiving this year, something I am excited to do, despite the significant effort it will be, I am already in a space of gratitude…I am grateful for my family and friends, who want to share this holiday with us.  I am grateful we have a home to host them in, and are able to buy enough food to feed them.

While I want to make sure every one has a wonderful time at our Thanksgiving, I am aware that I can only be responsible for my part…It’s my responsibility to make sure that I have a wonderful time, that I manage my stress as hostess, take pleasure in our company, and maintain my focus on love and fun throughout the occasion.  This is how I can give the nicest experience possible, to myself and our company.

May we all give ourselves the gift of staying centered in our thanks this holiday season.


Monday, November 16th, 2015

Everyone gets those “gut” feelings, flashes of truth, senses of knowing.  The more you open yourself up to your intuition, which happens the more you allow yourself to trust it, the greater you can walk your own life’s path, using the only compass that truly knows the way that’s best for you!

Unfortunately, many people are not trustworthy to themselves.  They jump their own ship because someone else said they should.

The best way to positively grow your relationship with yourself is to prove you are trustworthy.
Love yourself unconditionally.
Make choices for yourself that honor who you are, and follow through on them.
Care less about what others think and more about what you feel.

The most important person you want to grow trust with is yourself.
I invite you to start noticing how trusting you are of yourself, and how trustworthy you are back.

By trusting and honoring the silent whispers from your soul, your whole life will improve as you realize you can completely depend upon yourself.

True Love

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

True love starts within yourself.  The barriers we erect for self-protection, or from unchallenged beliefs that we’ve been taught, often lead us to lose our faith in love or our ability to access it.

However, it has been my experience that love is limitless, and the depths of passion, joy, and excitement you can share in relationship with yourself and with another can grow infinitely, if you choose to allow yourself to keep falling further in love.

To grow into depths of love beyond your imagination start by loving yourself enough to release any barriers you have within and focus on all you are loving; first in yourself and then in your partner.

Give yourself the greatest gift in life – Love expanding…
All you have to do is surrender completely into it.  Barriers be gone!

Open Heart

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

Living with an open heart can be difficult, especially after a painful experience.
Our instinctual response is to want to shut down, close off, and prevent ourselves from feeling that level of grief again.
It’s okay to allow yourself to rest and recover from a difficult time, however, it’s equally important to recognize that life is about remaining open and present to all the experiences it has to offer, the pleasurable as well as the painful.

Life is about living and growing.
The most amazing growth comes from being willing to be vulnerable, which is living with an open heart.
As challenging as it can be, especially when you feel pain to a degree that you never want to feel again, it is important you recognize the depths of the human spirit, and the tremendous power within it.

May you all be courageous enough to allow your hearts to open up more each day, through pleasure and pain, knowing the strength of your spirit and understanding this is how you grow into your fullest and most amazing personal expression.