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Monday, October 26th, 2015

We all crave attention from our loved ones.
Yet after you’ve heard all their stories, lived through many of the stories with them, and feel like you know exactly what they’ll say or how they’ll say it, it can be difficult to maintain purity of our attention.  We start anticipating, assuming, and even selectively hearing.

Relationships thrive when we feel the other person is really listening to us, appreciating and understanding our feelings, and valuing us enough to give their undivided attention, without distraction from phones, television, or other people.

I invite you to observe how pure your attention is with your nearest and dearest…
Are you giving them the space to grow with your unconditional love as nourishment?
Are you truly being present, not focused on what you want to say back or on hearing what you think they are about to say?

As you intend to purify your attention, you will increase the health and love felt in your relationships and you will be giving a priceless gift.

The Honeymoon Phase

Monday, October 19th, 2015

When I was a young teenager, I’ll never forget when my parents came back from dinner with a new couple.  My mother said to me, “They referred to themselves as really good friends, claiming that once the honeymoon phase ends, which is always does, you’re lucky to be left with a good friendship.”

My mother then said to me, “It’s not true.  The honeymoon phase never has to end, but you do have to work at it, to keep your romantic connection alive for your whole life.”  Even though a part of me didn’t really want to be hearing this from her, I never forgot those words.

When my husband and I got married on January 5th, 2013, we didn’t go on a honeymoon.  We decided our life together would be the honeymoon.
Although we’ve been together for over 6 years, we both continue to put the effort and energy into maintaining our honeymoon phase.

Anything you want to grow in your life takes time, energy, effort, thought, and focus.  That’s what tends to make new relationships so good.  You are thinking about each other when you’re not together, and then focused on each other when you are.  It’s easy over time to move your attention, thoughts, and focus to other things.  Only to then wonder why things between you aren’t like they used to be.

Whatever your passion in life, whomever you’re in love with, remember, to keep anything growing and blossoming, you must nurture, cultivate, and celebrate with your love, attention, thought, and energy.

May your life feel like a honeymoon that lasts forever!

My Dad

Monday, October 12th, 2015

My dad has shared much wisdom with me over his lifetime.  Now he is 81 years old, an age he never thought he would see, after all the men in his life before him dropped dead at 56 years old.

Sitting at breakfast with him a couple of days ago, he made the comment that you stop feeling your age at a certain point, and it’s only when you look in the mirror that you see the number chronologically looking back at you.

Despite a challenged short term memory, loss of a few inches of height, and lightening of what hair he has left, my father still has a young and vibrant spirit.  He takes tremendous joy in the little things in life and exudes love fully.

He has always been an awesome role model to me and continues to be so.
Aging does happen in our linear existence, however, it truly is a state of mind.
You can feel old when you are young, and young when you are old.
How old are you in your state of mind?


Monday, October 5th, 2015

When you read the word commitment – do you think of it in terms of honoring your commitments to others?   How about to yourself?

It is easy to make your commitments to others more important than the ones you make to yourself.
However, then, we often expect others to fulfill the commitments to us that only we can do.
Only we can make sure we sleep enough, exercise, eat well, meditate, relax, honor our personal responsibilities….

The more you honor your commitments to yourself, the less you’ll inappropriately expect things from others, and ultimately, the better you’ll be able to fulfill your commitments beyond yourself as well.

I invite you to commit to keeping your commitments to yourself, as well as to others.