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Monday, August 31st, 2015

Have you ever wondered where the first kiss originated?

According to a 2014 article in Psychology Today – “Kissing is not universal among human beings, and, even today, there are some cultures that have no place for it. This suggests that it is not innate or intuitive.  Another possibility is that kissing is a learned behavior that evolved from “kiss feeding,” the process by which mothers in some cultures feed their babies by passing masticated food from mouth-to-mouth. Yet, there are some modern indigenous cultures in which kiss feeding is practiced, but not social kissing.”

So what do you think?




Monday, August 24th, 2015

How are you at sharing?
I believe the way you share will influence how much you have to share.
It depends upon your attitude.

If you are coming from a lack mentality, you will always feel that you must protect what is yours.
Yet, if you are coming from an abundance mentality, you will be able to enjoy sharing.

I invite you to watch yourself and learn which mentality is beneath your actions.
Depending upon what you reveal, it is always your choice to shift anything you find is no longer in alignment with who you want to be.


Monday, August 17th, 2015

When wanting to move forward as quickly as possible,  many people think they must keep pushing on, continually moving, trying, working, doing, in order to achieve whatever goal they have set.

However, I propose that pausing is as important as the pushing.  Just like breath must come in before it can go out, life’s natural rhythm includes rest as well as action.

Ultimately, we end up reaching our goals faster when we are willing to trust enough to flow with life’s rhythm and pause between our pushes.

I invite you to pause today and take a moment of pleasure wherever you are in your journey.

Shine Your Brightest

Monday, August 10th, 2015

Recently I saw a young girl biking up a hill saying to her mother, who was riding behind her,
“I don’t think I’m gonna make it but I’ll try.”
Something struck me as I heard her words.

Her tone was happy and hopeful, yet her language was not actually inviting her desired results.
Words are a very powerful component of co-creation in our lives.   Often though, we learn to unintentionally diminish ourselves with the way we speak.
We address our fear of not succeeding more than the goal we are trying to reach.
In this way, we set a low bar.

We may jump up on the high bar now and then, but we don’t usually stay there.

I recognized the young girl’s pattern as it mirrors an old one of my own.
Forty years later, I just noticed myself unintentionally doing it too.
Yet it is not how I truly feel today.

I am no longer interested in diminishing myself in any way.
And I hope by example to inspire you to choose the same for yourself.

As of today, I am staying on top of the high bar.
I’m only hopping down if I happen to fall.
Then I’ll simply get back up.

Time to shine my brightest.
There’s plenty of room on the high bar for you to join me!


Monday, August 3rd, 2015

We make assumptions every day, sometimes consciously, and often unconsciously.

Do your assumptions tend to lead you to feel better about yourself or worse?

When possible, I invite you to ask questions, rather than make assumptions.
However, there are times when we’ll never know the “true” answer to something.
As human beings, we usually like to “know” the answers to our questions, so we can feel resolution and keep moving on.

When you cannot ask the question, I encourage you to make an assumption that makes you feel good!
Why wouldn’t you?