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Our Darkness

Monday, July 27th, 2015

One could say, life is less about how you shine your light and more about how you manage your darkness.

Many people are afraid of their darkness.  They try to avoid it, ignore it, deny it exists.
However, as human beings living in this world of duality, everyone incorporates both.

When we no longer resist all that we are, but rather acknowledge it, work with it, and ultimately embrace it, then we can achieve the beauty of a full moon in all its glory, which results from being fully illuminated in contrast with dark night sky…


Monday, July 20th, 2015

Most of us love vacation, yet feel like we don’t get enough!

I propose that vacation is more a state of mind than a place, and you don’t have to go away for a week to benefit.
Even a night will bring about positive afterglow.  It is very healthy to give yourself the time to set aside your “to do” list and not “think”.

Consider gifting yourself with a vacation day or night a week, where you relax in the moment, let go of everything that causes you stress, unplug from your phone and computer, and focus on having fun! Indulge your senses through eating a delicious meal, soaking in a hot bath, singing and dancing along to your favorite music, visiting your ideal nature environment, or exchanging massages with a friend or lover.

Whatever you do, if the intention is to celebrate, relax, and enjoy yourself and life, you’ll feel like you’re on vacation!


Monday, July 13th, 2015

Friendship can be a very important enhancement in life.
Most people value feeling a part of a community.
When someone else “sees” you, enjoys and appreciates you, loves you for who you are, there is a thrill and satisfaction that comes from this kind of connection.

We don’t need many friends, but most of us benefit from having a few people in our life, who are good fits for us.

When we can count on someone to share our laughter, tears, ups and downs, and travel the journey of life with, supporting and celebrating each other along the way, it can enrich life’s experience beyond measure.