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Monday, June 29th, 2015

Have you ever noticed as soon as you claim to have achieved something – such as improved trust, or enhanced self-love, or less judgment of yourself or others, you get tested?  The good news is these tests are not pass or fail, more like progress reports to support you along your way.

The Universe has a wonderful way of helping us see not only how far we’ve come, but also where we still have room to grow.
Keep going and keep growing…




Body Talk

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

Body talk is a two way street….Our body is full of amazing wisdom and is constantly trying to speak to us, yet how often do you listen to your body and honor its messages?
At the same time, we are frequently speaking to our body…What do you hear yourself saying to yours?

I’ve been working hard recently to love my body exactly as it is, to embrace it fully in all its glory rather than negatively judge it.  Yet I noticed the other day that I was frustrated with my body for how it was being.  It wasn’t acting the way I wanted it to.
The messages we give to our body are often subtle and can sneak in when we’re not aware.  It’s easy to not even realize how meanly we are treating ourselves.

I invite you to become aware of the communication between you and your body in both directions.
If something is not feeling right, then it’s trying to tell you something.  Rather than getting angry at your body, ask what it needs from you.

Your body loves you unconditionally…Can you say the same back?


Monday, June 8th, 2015

Yesterday was my birthday…I love birthday cake, I love celebrations, and I love receiving kind thoughts, cards, and gifts from those who love me.

Ironically, I am feeling closer in age now to my children than to the number I am actually celebrating.
I know many people like to diminish their age number.  I believe this is a result of our society revering youth and judging aging negatively.
However, aging is a gift.  Without it, we would be no more.

Yet age itself is merely a number symbol.
It is what is in our hearts, minds, and bodies, that make us feel, not a number.

To me, I feel better than I’ve ever been, more myself, more joyful and fun, more graceful.  I am grateful for my life’s journey and choose to embrace every passing year as the gift it was, and open my arms wide for all the gifts ahead in this coming year.

Here’s to feeling fabulous at 49!


Personal Responsibility

Monday, June 1st, 2015

If there is something you truly want to do, to be, to have, or to experience, then it is your responsibility to make it happen.

We are the only people who can make our life be what we want.  Yet so often we prefer to spend our energy focused on other people.  What are they doing?  Where are they succeeding or failing?  What are they doing that we would NEVER do?  What we think they should do…

The next time you see something in someone else that you think they could improve, I invite you to turn your eyes to yourself and look for what is within you that could be improved instead!