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Monday, April 27th, 2015

Not only can we be limited by our beliefs, more often than not, we’re limited by beliefs we don’t even realize we have!!

I invite you to ask yourself, if you had a magic wand, and anything was truly possible, what would you wish for?

While you may wish that you were younger, your option would be to live more youthfully, having fun and engaging in activities that you associate with being young.  You can wish for anything!  Things may not happen exactly as you think you want, but when you know what you desire, and believe in your ability to create it for yourself, you can find solutions that you may have previously missed.

Where are you limiting yourself?  What beliefs would you benefit from changing so you can live a life full of your dreams and potential fulfilled?  Only you are getting in your way of being your ultimate greatness.
Choose your beliefs wisely.

Become it!

Monday, April 20th, 2015

So many of us are afraid to be who we really are because we think we’re not good enough.  This thought makes us live small, not filling in our space, not being our full presence.  If we try to ‘pretend’ we’re capable of something that we don’t believe we truly are, we live in fear of being discovered.  Many times we’ll quit first, so we can’t be rejected.

Amy Cuddy gives an awesome TED talk that shows how we can use our body to support ourselves in growing into our personal power.  She suggests holding power poses for 2 minutes prior to doing something you fear.  These poses raise our testosterone levels and reduce our cortisol levels which support us in being more successful.  The more we do this, the more we become it.

As Amy says, it’s not fake it till you make it, it’s fake it till you become it.
And the moment will come when you realize, you no longer feel you’re faking, now you are being.


Monday, April 13th, 2015

There’s something about anger that makes it very hard to let go of when we feel someone has so clearly done us wrong.

Yet, that anger only hurts us and keeps the wrong they may have done alive and present, no matter how long ago they did it.

It’s important to feel anger.
It’s also important to not to attach to the anger.
Rather feel it fully flowing through you as you release it.

Then we can heal our wound from the hurt that caused the anger.
We do this through forgiveness.

Everything has gifts within it.
When we are willing to forgive, we can gain these gifts.
We’re here to experience life.
If you engage forgiveness, you allow life to be its best for you.

Being sick

Monday, April 6th, 2015

Often when we get sick, whether a rash, a flu, or something more severe, it can be our body’s way of releasing toxins that have built up within us.

If we are sad in mind, our body feels it.
If we are disconnected spiritually, our mind and body feel it.
If we are experiencing stress in any part of our being, we experience it in every part of our being.

The body is an amazing tool.  It knows how to release things we must let go of in order to heal and grow.
The next time you are sick, be grateful to your body for doing its part to support you in being healthy.

Listen to what your body needs, take really good care of your body.  Be gentle and supportive and send love to every cell.
Your body is always working for you, not against.
It’s up to you to notice and respond in kind.