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Monday, January 26th, 2015

Everything in life either grows or withers.
Change is the only constant.

Allowing fear to be more powerful than courage will take the wind out of your sails and limit you from growing and expanding.

However, connecting to your courage, trusting the journey, and being willing to take smart risks in pursuit of your passions, dreams, life purpose, and most authentic personal expression, can broaden your existence into realms beyond your wildest imagination.

Courage does not mean the absence of fear, merely the strength to move through your fear toward your desired outcomes.

Let courage be the wind in your sails so you can soar to ever expanding new heights in your life.

Honoring Martin Luther King Jr

Monday, January 19th, 2015

What a revolutionary, inspirational, evolved, charismatic man we honor and celebrate today!!!

Life is made up of way more “small things” than “great things”.
Fortunately, small things can add up in great ways.

I invite you today, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr, to select at least one small thing you can do each day in a great way…
Try not to judge it as not enough.
Intend for your small act to have significant positive rippling effects…
A smile passed on, a hug held with genuine affection, a thoughtful gesture that lets someone know you are thinking of them…
Whatever you pick, do it fully, with whole hearted love, compassion and humility.

A day full of small things done in great ways creates the greatest of days.
May you have a great day!

True that!

Monday, January 12th, 2015

How often do you find yourself believing what someone else says and then create your reality based upon what you’re accepting as the truth.
Do you even realize you’re doing this?

People used to believe the world was flat.
What falsehoods are you attached to that are limiting your life, your relationships, your reality?

I invite you to consider all the things you believe…All the choices you make in response to what you believe.
Are you being fair to yourself and others according to the Truths you’re building your reality on?

The greatest truths in life are limitless…So if you’re living small or feeling constricted, check what assumptions you’re attached to and ask yourself are you completely sure they are true?   Even if you think they are, with an adjusted perspective you may see things you missed before that create room for you to expand and explore your current reality.


Marking Milestones

Monday, January 5th, 2015

As a new year begins, so does another round of milestones…Whether it be a birthday, anniversary, or holiday, marking milestones is a way of maintaining appreciation and gratitude for the people and events that enrich our life.

Today is my wedding anniversary.  It thrills and delights me to slow down and consciously connect to my love, desire, and gratitude for my husband. He expands my world, makes my heart sing, and uplifts and enhances every minute of my every day.

Marking milestones is a great way to inspire you to go the extra mile and do more than usual to acknowledge and celebrate the special people and meaningful occasions in your life.

Opposites Attract…Or do they?

Sunday, January 4th, 2015

Many people are initially attracted to their opposite, drawn to and enamored by someone completely different than themselves.  However, I believe ultimately, we all want to be with someone who is just like us!  This doesn’t mean you can’t have a joyful long term relationship with your opposite.  I think that it works best though in the long run, when you focus on where you are similar rather than opposite.

My husband and I met at a time when neither of us was interested any longer in trying to be what we thought another wanted from us.  We were both committed to being ourselves and from there determining if we were a fit or not.

Rather than trying to be together, our focus is on allowing ourselves and the other to be who we truly are.

The result has been an amazing adventure of promoting one another to become our most real and best self, while also inspiring each other to grow together in our union….Wherever we’re not an exact fit, we each soften our edges and find middle spaces to connect between us.  As a result, we keep becoming stronger within ourselves, and deeper in love with each other.

We often laugh that I am a female version of him and he is a male version of me.  It makes it easier to actually understand the other. As we get more comfortable being and loving ourselves, our attraction to each other continues to grow as well.

Happy anniversary my Love…Here’s to continuing to fall more in love each day, knowing there is no limit to the depths we can reach together <3