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Look for more love

Monday, September 29th, 2014

Fear is the opposite of love….
What could happen if we seek more opportunities in our life to take in more love?
Would it diminish our fear?
Fear keeps us playing small in the game of life, while love encourages us to expand.
I invite you to experiment…Look for more ways to receive and enhance love in your life, and observe how the joy in your life grows as your fear diminishes.

Embracing the counter part

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

We often only want the “good” stuff.  We judge the negative as “bad”.  However, positive and negative travel together in this world of duality, which we live in.  Neither is actually good or bad.  They simply are two parts of the whole that allow each side to be fully expressed.

A rainbow is magical, full of beauty, hope, and promise.  Rain is equally magical and full of beauty, hope, and promise, yet it will make you wet and cold if you get caught outside in it.

It is our judgment that chooses to interpret one as good and the other as bad.
I invite you to explore your judgments and decide to see things for what they are, neither good nor bad, rather part of a greater whole, without which the greater whole could not be achieved.

Enjoying your own company

Monday, September 15th, 2014

The day you realize that you can make great company for you to be with is the day that you become empowered to make every day of your life more pleasurable.

I once wrote a song:
“Isn’t it funny how you can be alone, yet lonely is the farthest thing you feel.
How ’bout when you’re sitting in a group and all the words go mute, loneliness is all that you feel, questioning exactly what is real?

Lonely is a state of mind, alone a state of being.
Loneliness can lock you in a cell, dark and damp, your own hell,
While being alone can be so freeing.”

Love yourself and like yourself, and you’ll set yourself free from ever feeling lonely again.

Speaking our hearts

Monday, September 8th, 2014

How often do you find yourself having conversations within your mind yet the words never get spoken out loud?

It can be really hard to express thoughts and feelings that lead us to feel vulnerable and exposed.  We want to protect ourselves from being hurt or judged.  We may not feel safe to share what we’re really feeling.

If we remain silent, we stop connecting meaningfully with the people in our life.  We also start diminishing ourselves, our worth, our strength, and our presence.

While discernment is important, so is creating life with people you can share intimately with.  If you feel strongly about something, speak it.  Even if it’s scary, speaking your heart is an act of courage that honors who you are and allows you to keep growing and thriving.