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Monday, July 28th, 2014

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes.
When you make one, how do you respond?
Do you beat yourself up about it for days?
Do you refuse to take responsibility, instead finding someone else to blame?
Do you acknowledge your mistake and try to make amends?

Making mistakes is human.  By dealing with them head on, taking responsibility and doing what you can to make things better for anyone or anything that may have been impacted, you are turning the mistake into a learning opportunity.  This elevates the mistake from what it was into the best it can be…An opportunity for self-improvement.

It’s often through our mistakes that we learn the most.  Rather than beat yourself up, choose to grow from the lessons instead.

In a moment

Monday, July 21st, 2014

We all hear horrifying stories of things that happen to people we know well, or maybe only know through other people.  The story of life changing in an instant for the worse…Loss, injury, pain….It can be hard to accept, fathom, take….A random aspect of life…Life’s only constant being change itself.

Many of us want to control life, ideally to prevent bad things from happening to us.
Really all we can control is how we are in any given moment with what does happen.

Whether you find yourself waking up into a nightmare, or you are a friend to someone who does, the best you can do is trust this journey we call life.  Focus on where you can maximize your energy for the positive, and show your best self through courage and love.

I pray for the woman I know, for her family, and her friends during this very challenging time.
I cannot take their pain away.  I can try to help them through it with love and support.
It is my intention, with these words and thoughts, to send positive energy of healing and love to embrace all those impacted by this sudden event.

Planting Seeds

Monday, July 14th, 2014

By focusing on the seeds you plant each day with your thoughts, your efforts, and your exchanges with others, the greater your present can be full of hope, possibility, and excitement, and the greater your future shall be as well.

Given life is a journey and not a destination, planting seeds is living the journey.
Enjoy your harvests, but try not to judge the success of your existence upon what you reap.
Every harvest results differently, some better than others, with many factors beyond your control coming into play.

The only control we have is what we plant.
Focus on what you want more of in your garden of life and plant as many of those seeds as possible.

Make it hot!

Monday, July 7th, 2014

We all get moments of brilliant ideas, thoughts, and dreams.  Usually, right afterwards, we then come up with all the reasons why our most recent inspiration will not work out, encouraging us to do nothing.

Doing nothing gets us no where we usually want to be.

However, being willing to attempt to fulfill your inspired desires, will make your life deliciously hot.
You may not end up where you think you are going, but at least if you strike, and keep on striking on, you will end up somewhere wonderful.

Make things hot for yourself today!  No excuses.