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Memorial Day

Monday, May 26th, 2014

Memories can be a gift by bringing a person, moment, or particular experience back into the present.

This is how we can keep precious moments eternal, and precious people, heroes in our life, forever alive through us.

May you be filled with love and gratitude today as you remember all the heroes and heroic moments that you breathe back into life through your thoughts on this Memorial Day.

Boundary Setting

Monday, May 19th, 2014

How good are you at setting appropriate boundaries for yourself?

There are definitely times in life when it’s right to push yourself to do something for someone else that you may not feel like doing.  However, it’s never right to forfeit yourself for someone else.  Our responsibility is to take good care of ourselves rather than expecting someone else to do it for us.  If we’re always doing things for other people and not including ourselves in the priority equation of our life, then we are not setting healthy boundaries.

I invite you to have the courage to love yourself enough to take really good care of you, even if it means disappointing someone else.
Saying “no” to others is saying “yes” to ourselves.
Do right by others, but not at the expense of doing right by you.
The better we care for ourselves, the happier we’ll be and the less we’ll require from those around us.


Befriending your body

Monday, May 12th, 2014

What is your relationship like with your body?  Do you see your body as your friend or enemy?  Do you even see your body?  Do you notice all the miraculous things your body does for you?  Or are you focused on what your body is not that you wish it were?

Your body is made up of 7,000 sentient cells that feel your energy toward them and respond in kind.

I invite you to be in love with your body…Value, appreciate, and celebrate all that it is for you and all the ways it supports your self-expression.  Treat it with the utmost love, respect and care.  Do not tolerate your mind speaking criticisms or disrespect.  Encourage and support your body in being its best by taking good care of it, sleeping enough, exercising and feeding it well, in every way, with food as well as self-talk messages.

The better a friend you are to your body, the better a friend it can be to you.

Expect the Unexpected!

Monday, May 5th, 2014

When things unexpected happen, it can be very upsetting, especially if what happens feels painful to you.
There are also many times when things happen unexpectedly that simply weren’t what you thought you wanted.  Although the results may be disappointing, they do not hurt you.
Either way, the unexpected can create a lot of negative reactions within you.

Change is the only constant in life.
Often things change in unimagined ways.
While some of these definitely don’t feel good, there are many that feel better than you could have imagined.

If you can release yourself from being attached to your expectations, and let go into what does happen, then you’ll be able to ride the unexpected waves of life with the least resistance, gaining the greatest pleasure possible.