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Best Friends

Monday, March 31st, 2014

Who are your best friends?

Your spouse, sibling, parent, child, girlfriend, guy friend?

People tend to benefit from some community.  Whether you are someone who desires tons of friends or just a few, most of us thrive with a network to lean on.

However, I believe it’s important for YOU to be one of your own best friends…After all, you are the only person who is constantly with you, talking to yourself, guiding yourself.

Unfortunately, people are often their own worst enemy rather than their own best friend.
How do you treat yourself?

A best friend is loving and forgiving, compassionate and understanding, encouraging and inspiring.

While I invite you to be grateful for the best friends in your life today…I also invite you to make sure you are one of them!

A Great Gift

Monday, March 24th, 2014

What is the one thing we can all give, regardless of our financial situation, our family situation, or our personal situation?
We can give the gift of ourselves!

What I mean by this is not a narcissistic, self-absorbed gift of who I want you to see as me, but a genuine, vulnerable, honest, heartfelt expression of who I truly am, recognizing that I am many things in different moments and not all of them are great.

While I am not a gift when I’m cranky and lashing out, nor am I a gift when I need or want something from you and try to get it by maliciously manipulating you…I can be a gift to you, even in my less pleasant states of being, if I show up taking personal responsibility and clearly let you know what is happening inside of me by fully exposing my thoughts and vulnerabilities.

If I show up and willingly allow you to see my fullest expression of self,
from my warts to my wonders,
then I am also inviting you to do this same.
This is how people truly connect and make a difference in each other’s lives.
…A priceless gift



Monday, March 17th, 2014

How many times do you think about what needs to be done instead of simply doing it?
Do you feel better moving your “to do” things from one pile to another, as if somehow you’re getting closer to completing the task on the list?

Procrastinating rarely serves you positively.  Most things can be achieved more simply and easily if done in a timely fashion.

Not only this, but all the energy spent carrying the item around on your “Still to do list” is draining you of energy continually in your present moment.  

Try doing today what you could do tomorrow and give yourself the gift of no longer wasting all your energy procrastinating.



Monday, March 10th, 2014

How good are you at balancing the different components of your life; family, work, fun, friends, you…?

It can be hard to juggle so many components in a manner that is healthy for you.  Often, we excel in one area but neglect another.

Balance isn’t about everything getting some of your attention at the same time.  Rather, balance comes from consistently giving all the important parts of your life a turn at being your priority and then giving 100% of yourself to whatever you’re engaged in at the moment.
Balance can be a daily rotation for some components and weekly for others.

While the most important people and things in your life all deserve to be part of your priority equation to be rotated in your juggling act, it is vital that you, your health and well-being, mind body and spirit, is appropriately represented.

Without self-care, it is very difficult to sustain a successful balancing act in life.

Media Multi-tasking

Monday, March 3rd, 2014

We live in a day and age where media multi-tasking is intrinsic in our way of life.

Observing my children: the television is on, their computer is open to social media, and they are playing a game on their phone or texting or using instagram, all at the same time.

Mindfulness requires being completely present in one thing, whatever you’re actually engaging in at that very moment.

While I believe my children feel fully present in whatever item they are actually participating in, they are flitting so fast between so many things.
I wonder if they can truly be present in any of them, and at what cost to their being that they are so quickly engaging back and forth between so many things.

To reap the benefits of mindfulness, is downtime during the transitions between full engagement a requirement?

Could this level of media multi-tasking be contributing to increased stress levels in our society?