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Monday, December 23rd, 2013

Holiday seasons are intended to bring joy and light into our lives.

However, they can often include stress and pressure, whether over the increased financial expenses required, the tensions of navigating many family member’s needs, or feeling the loss and emptiness of family members who are far away or who have passed on.

Regardless of your circumstances, I invite you to start a new tradition.
Whether on your own, with family, or with friends, create a space of celebration for yourself!
Commit to giving yourself a fun holiday season, one that is stress-free, focused on love, joy, and all the presents of the moment.
Focus on enjoying the simple things; eating special foods and drinks that you really like, decorating your space festively, playing music that makes your heart sing, watching movies that you love, wearing your special clothes and jewelry.

Give yourself a wonderful holiday season this year, and may this be your new tradition in all the holiday seasons to come…

Welcoming emotions

Monday, December 16th, 2013

Do you judge positive emotions as good and negative emotions as bad?
Do you do everything you can to avoid negative emotions?

Most people will agree that the positive emotions feel good, and negative emotions feel bad.  From this, we tend to associate positive emotions AS good, and negative emotions AS bad.
However, really, all emotions are a gift.  It is by experiencing the range of emotions human existence offers us that we get to feel our lives fully.
Certainly painful experiences are rougher to live through than pleasurable ones.  However, one experience is not actually better than the other.
Every emotion brings an opportunity to experience being fully alive.

It is through surrendering and appreciating the totality of life’s emotions, embracing the entire range and flowing freely through the positive and negative, that we are taught what it truly means to be alive.


Monday, December 9th, 2013

Is vulnerability strength or weakness?

Many people see their own vulnerability as weakness, and feel uncomfortable letting their vulnerabilities show.  This is because the areas of vulnerability are tender.  When another person does something intentionally or unintentionally that presses our vulnerable parts, we can feel hurt and pain.  Feeling hurt and pain is not a sign of weakness however.  They are simply parts of the emotional spectrum of feelings all of us have at different times.

True strength is in allowing your vulnerable spaces to remain open rather than protecting them by closing these parts of yourself off to others in an attempt to protect yourself from hurt and pain.  For it is in the ability to live through the hurt and pain that you see how truly strong you are.

The tender vulnerable spaces we have when touched can sometimes hurt, however, these are also the spaces where true ecstasy and joy beyond measure are experienced.


Monday, December 2nd, 2013

How often during the day do you find yourself personalizing what someone else has said, or their moods, or their behaviors?

We can often find threads of truth in what other people say to us about us, and then we buy into their “reality” and disregard our own.  What makes their reality more real or more important than our own?  While it’s nice to be lifted by others, the truth is that positive and negative thoughts about us expressed by others have nothing to do with us.  It’s all about the other person.

The good news is that you no longer need to fly high or low as a result of others.  When you live from a reality that you consciously choose, based on the integrity of self-love and acceptance, you become empowered to control your personal reality.    Rather than fitting yourself into the dream/reality of those around you, decide what you want to experience, and align your words, thoughts and actions to support yourself in living your heaven on Earth.

I’m currently teaching a course on the Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz and how to integrate them into your current daily life.  I am so grateful to the women participating and the inspiration I am gaining each week for my own dream as well as the gift of being able to support others in creating theirs.