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As you are

Monday, November 25th, 2013

How often do you find yourself feeling like you ‘should’ be doing more?
Have you ever asked yourself, why?

Who you are in this moment is more than enough.  Everything you do is also enough.

If you feel you ‘should’ be doing more, consider why you aren’t?  Could it be that you’re doing enough in this moment, but impatience is getting the best of you?  Or do you have a voice in your head that says nothing you do is ever enough?  Where is your validation along the journey of life coming from?  Will it really matter in the end if you travel 10 squares versus 12 in the game of your life?  Or will it matter more how you feel while you’re traveling?

As long as you are aware, continuing to take steps on your path toward where you want to go, and resting when that is what is required, I invite you to make peace within yourself as you play out the journey of your life.

Being yourself in today, without pressuring yourself to be something other than who you are in this moment, you will give yourself the greatest present, which ultimately will lead you to your greatest life.


Monday, November 18th, 2013

How does this quote strike you?  Are you one of those people whose day is ruined when you step on a scale and it’s 3 pounds up?  Do you look in the mirror and only see the one tiny “flaw” in your body?

Weight and body image seem to be a big issue for many people I know.  Societally we decide on an image of “perfection” that most of us will never attain.  Yet even still, most of us will spend our lives trying.

There is no doubt being a healthy weight for you is very important and something worth putting in the appropriate effort to achieve and sustain.  At the same time, it is also important to accept yourself as you are and not continually deny and stress yourself over a pound here or there. That is not healthy.

Once you are within your ideal weight range, try to balance life’s joys and pleasures, while maintaining your efforts to keep yourself feeling best in your body.

It comes down to an attitude.  A healthy body is very important, and so is a healthy mind.  Enjoy yourself, while practicing moderation.

The Process

Monday, November 11th, 2013

What brings out the beauty, the grace, and the depths of soul that make a person shine, is not a life without obstacles, challenges, or areas to grow and improve.  On the contrary, to evolve into the most beautiful personal expression you can be, it requires some kneading, some stretching, and some significant heat that can feel painful at times.  It is through this process that we are forced to face fears, dig deep to find strength, and learn to support ourselves with love.  Through this process we emerge as the unique and beautiful works of art that we each are.  Rather than resent and resist the process, relax into it and embrace this journey, for it is how you become the masterpiece that is you.


Monday, November 4th, 2013

Others can show us the way…I was blessed to co-facilitate a retreat this past weekend for 8 of the most incredibly beautiful and courageous spirits I have ever met.  These women live with metastatic breast cancer.

Yes!  They are busy LIVING, not busy dying.

I am humbled to have been in their presence, opened our hearts together, and shared love, laughter, and our souls essence.  I have gained so much, I can only hope they received close to as much as I have.

Life rarely goes the way we expect it to and often not the way we want it to.  However, when we let go and allow our hearts to lead the way along the path that we are on, with our spirit to guide us toward our greatest good, every moment truly is a gift, and NOW becomes the present we all want to receive.

May every breath you take fill you with the joy and love of being alive today.