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Monday, October 28th, 2013

It said:

I invite you to recognize poss-able while you redefine possible…You are able to positively achieve anything you allow yourself to believe you can.

Eyes Forward

Monday, October 21st, 2013

It can be hard to let go of a past mistake.  The human mind loves to perseverate and recreate situations over and over again.  When focused on something you wish you had done differently, this repeated thinking only grows your frustration and remorse.

Mistakes are meant to happen so we can learn, and move onto the next lesson which invariably will include our next mistake.
Focus on what you can do differently next time you’re presented with a similar situation, and be grateful for having had the opportunity to learn what you don’t want to do.

Your life will keep moving on whether you’re looking backward or forward.  Imagine you are a car.  There are times it’s important to look backward and go in reverse, but usually only for very short distances and limited time.  The majority of a ride to get you where you want to go happens while looking and driving forward.  Keep your eyes on the road before you.  It’s the only place you can effect change.


Monday, October 14th, 2013

Did you know most women take 45 minutes to become fully aroused?
Did you know most sexual encounters last between 15-30 minutes?

Are you doing the math?

If you’re a woman, when’s the last time you remember being completely turned on and aroused?
If you’re a man, when’s the last time you gave your woman more than 45 minutes of sexual engagement?

It doesn’t mean you can’t have an orgasm in less time, or enjoy a quickie, but know that if you put the degree of time and attention into your sexual pleasure, amazing rewards can result.
Full arousal is HOT.

Women, if you’re man isn’t up for it, you can always warm yourself up so when you get active with him you’ll hit your full arousal point!

A joy of being in the human body is experiencing sexual pleasure…Value it and value yourself.  It’s worth your time and energy.

Recipe for a Magical Marriage

Monday, October 7th, 2013

The first ingredient comes from Miguel Ruiz in The Mastery of Love.
Be fully responsible for yourself and your part in the relationship.  The other side of this is to remember you are only responsible for yourself.
(Trust me, you are enough!) It is not your place to be responsible for your partner or their part, that belongs fully to them.
This primary ingredient incorporates honest communication, respect for yourself and your mate, along with appreciation.

Next we blend in the ingredient my parents believe is the secret that has helped them create and sustain their rewarding marriage of over 55 years, in which they continue to be romantic and in love.
Always try to please your partner first and foremost.
This does not mean take responsibility for their happiness.  Rather it is always intending and following through in the ways you know will be pleasing to your partner.  This includes going out of your way, being considerate and thoughtful, and sometimes delaying your own gratification.  Trust as you do this for your spouse, and your spouse reciprocates in kind, together you will gain greater pleasure and reward than is imaginable.

Most recently at my niece’s wedding, my parents were the last couple dancing since they had been married the longest of everyone present.  (Almost 57 years!)  When the DJ asked my father their secret, I was expecting him to state the ingredient above.
Instead he quipped, “A lot of great sex!”
This is the third ingredient we sprinkle liberally on top.  Explore, experiment, and enjoy!

This recipe requires daily attention to keep it cooking.