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Monday, August 26th, 2013

Affirmations are a powerful way to encourage your subconscious to connect with things you truly desire.  Affirmations also help keep your energy and thoughts focused on what you want to experience in your life.

Planting the seeds is powerful work that requires consciously feeding selected language and thoughts to yourself.  However, nothing manifests from the mind alone.  If you cannot believe what you say, then you cannot create it.

The secret is to start your affirmation in the direction you desire and make it a thought that you can buy into now, one that feels good to you and genuine.  Then evolve your affirmations as you shift and grow.  Rich nurturing soil comes from heart centered connection to what you are planting into your mind, from feeling and believing what you are saying to yourself.  This is how affirmations can grow into desired outcomes.

What do you want to affirm within yourself today?


Anxious or Excited

Monday, August 19th, 2013

Many people interpret the sensations of excitement as anxiety.

Any time we enter into a new situation, a new responsibility, or new phase of life, there is a tremendous amount of unknowns and unfamiliarity.  It can feel overwhelming, as we feel stressed and fearful.  However, there is easily an equal amount of excitement and anticipation at the promise of potential before us.

While we usually experience the positives and negatives of an emotion at the same time, I invite you to empower yourself to decide which side you want to focus on.  You can choose to connect to your anxieties, which come from your fears, or you can choose to connect to your excitements, which come from faith in the potential joys, miracles, and dreams that lie before you.

There is nothing wrong with acknowledging your fears and your stress, however, make sure to also acknowledge the jittery energy that stems from your excitement and anticipation of good times ahead, and choose to focus on whichever you wish to grow.


Monday, August 12th, 2013

Attitude is within our control.  It is the glasses that tint the color of everything we see.

Every moment and situation has positives and negatives present…Such is the world of duality. Our attitude is what determines our experiences.  An optimistic attitude will find the silver lining in a situation, everything can have a “rosy” color to it.  A pessimistic attitude will illumate all the negatives, making everything appear darker.  While getting a whole picture of a situation is important, your attitude can help determine what you will experience in your next moment.

A bad day can either be a bad day that predicts the arrival of another bad day, or it can be a bad day that must be walked through on your way, which actually makes you one day closer to where you want to arrive.

Will you be one step further from your goals and desires today or one step closer?

You choose.  It’s all in your attitude!

Heart over Head

Monday, August 5th, 2013

What do you listen to more – your mind or your heart?

It’s often easier to let the whispers of your heart be drowned out by the loud voice of your mind. Unfortunately, our mind is often telling us limited beliefs, assumptions, and fears. These are energetically draining and can easily discourage or depress us.

However, we’ve all witnessed the victim to victory stories, the miracles, and amazing feats accomplished by others. When we grow our heart whispers into a strong voice that can drown out the doubting and often limiting urges of the mind, then we have the potential to achieve the greatness that lies within us.

Many people consider the mind our ‘voice of reason’, but who says limited beliefs, assumptions, & fears are reasonable?  I invite you to use your mind to enhance the whispers of your heart and follow through on what you hear in them, as your heart is the ‘voice of possibilities’.

This is the way to reach your desired goals and dreams.