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Monday, June 24th, 2013

What are your greatest fears?
How present are your fears in your current reality?
How real are they today?

It’s normal to experience fear.  There are times when fear is based on a true fear of loss of something dear.  However, many times our fears are of perceived threat or loss for the future.

Fear is an amazing gift of insight.  It lets us know where we are insecure, and it allows us to glimpse into the workings of our subconscious so we know what to affirm consciously within ourselves.

However fear itself does not exist.  It is only something that we breathe life into by allowing ourselves to believe there is reality to our fears.

Rather than seeing fear as truth, see fear as a tool to let you know where you want to support yourself, what you want to speak to yourself, and how you may be holding yourself back.  As fear stops being a real entity for you, the obstacles that seemingly arise from your fears will also stop being real.



Monday, June 17th, 2013

What you see is not always what you get!

Nothing in life is linear.

Everything in life is greater than can truly be comprehended.

If you become too attached to needing things to go a certain way at a certain time, you will undoubtedly find yourself perpetually disappointed.

If you can have faith and trust in your life’s journey, that the long and windy road and all the stops along the way are a string of fortunate events, even the ones that may originally appear as unfortunate, then you have the greatest chance of getting everything you want in life.

Try not to limit what comes your way because it doesn’t look like what you thought you wanted.

Usually our deepest wishes arrive in the most unexpected ways, often appearing like nothing we imagine.


Monday, June 10th, 2013

How is it possible for opportunity to lurk beneath our apparent diseases or catastrophic life happening?

Clearly, when hardship befalls us, whether in our health, our financial life, our important relationships, or in rejection of our own personal endeavors, it can be very hard to believe there is anything positive happening.  Yet, when you consider that during these more difficult experiences, we often find ourselves digging deeper within our very beings, discovering reservoirs of strength and capabilities we may have never known before.  During these times we can also gain glimpses in the mirror of where we might be self-sabotaging, not listening to our inner voice or to the feelings of our loved ones, or where we might be disconnected from our life’s purpose and heart’s desires.  This is often where the opportunity lies.  When life is cruising along smoothly, it becomes easy to ignore any of the whispers of discontent or traveling off course.  It is at these times instead that we often get hit over the head with something difficult.

When you can find the opportunity within the negative circumstances before you, you can take your first steps toward shifting things positively.  You will often find as a result over time, that the very experience you originally believed was so negative, actually brings you more of what you have always wanted than you ever could have achieved had this “bad” experience never happened.


Monday, June 3rd, 2013

Do you know what your passions are?
How are you pursuing your passions currently?

Passion is what makes your heart pulse, your soul sing, and your spirit soar.

Without passion, you may feel dead inside, or like something’s missing.

No one knows your passion but you.
No one can pursue your passion but you.
Regardless of the scale of your pursuit, whether you make a profession around your passion, or you make your pleasures around your passion, or both, it is always possible to find a way to incorporate your passion into your daily existence.

First, clarify what your passions are, then creatively find ways to engage them.  The more you engage them, the more internal uplift, joy and excitement you will feel, and the more alive you and your passions will become, improving every area of your life.