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Monday, February 25th, 2013

What do you do for fun? How much fun do you have in each day?  Is fun something you save for weekends or special occasions, or is fun something you experience every chance you get?  How much fun do you have doing the mundane details of your life from bathing, to marketing, to laundry, to dishes?

Life is full of ordinary moments that when we find the fun in them, we can uplift into extraordinary moments.

Have fun today!

Being Kind

Monday, February 18th, 2013

When you make a mistake, how do you treat yourself?
It’s easy to feel angry and disappointed in yourself when you make a mistake, which can put you in a bad mood and keep you there as you continue to berate yourself over a situation that moves further and further into your past with every moment.  Mistakes are not fun to make and live through, however they are often our greatest learning times.  Without these experiences of failure, we may never come to understand the way to success.  If you can be grateful for all you gain as the result of a mistake, and then be kind to yourself as you regain your confidence to try again while applying what you’ve learned, you will maximize your chances of achieving your goals and dreams.  When you’re most vulnerable and down is when you want to be supportive and kind to yourself.  Learning and growing can be painful, however, if you support yourself with loving kindness, it allows you to continue to blossom and grow.


Monday, February 11th, 2013

There is no one reality.  Every moment contains more than any individual can absorb.  Depending on what senses are dominant in you and in that moment, will determine what part of the moment you have tuned into.  Other things are also happening at any given time that other people are tuning into that you may not even be aware of in any conscious way.  This is how two people can be in this same place at the same time and have completely different experiences.  No one experience is right or wrong.  We simply must embrace that each of our realities is as “real” as the other’s and no one reality is “right”.

How attached are you to your preception of what is?



Monday, February 4th, 2013

Have you ever felt like you’re doing everything possible to make what you want happen, whether it be a relationship or a certain job, yet it continues to elude you?  This may inspire you to try harder, to force into being, to grab more tightly to what you want.

While action steps are vital in the creation of what you desire, once you’ve put out for what you want and continue to take the steps, it’s important to trust that things are unfolding for you.  Rather than push with expectations of how things should happen, if you let go and allow, you have your greatest chance of what you desire transpiring in the quickest and most fabulous ways possible.  Try not to worry about what and when, rather believe all you desire is coming your way and with excitement and curiosity as you maintain your part, allow the Universe to deliver what you have asked for in its magical, miraculous ways.

What desires are you allowing to come to you?