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Aim high!

Friday, November 30th, 2012

How often do you find you are “talking yourself out” of what you want to do?

To truly feel alive and excited in life involves taking the risk of pursuing what your heart and soul desire.  The act of “going for it” will bring untold and surprising rewards along the way and will take you somewhere wonderful, whether it is where you are expecting or somewhere you had not imagined.

To me, the measure of success isn’t reaching your exact goal in an exact way.  I believe success comes from the act of opening and stretching yourself positively toward something that calls to you and engages all parts of your being.  This act IS success.  Wherever it leads, you will experience a joyful journey to a desirable destination.

Listen within.  Go for a dream.  Be open to how it unfolds….Aim high and hit!