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Who do you follow?

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

We all grow up wanting to please our parents, even if it’s not what pleases us.  For example, we may want to stay up late on a school night, while they want us to get to bed on time.  While this kind of guidance serves us as we grow up, especially when it comes to learning about safety issues, we gain habits and patterns during this time that we then sustain way longer than the patterns continue to serve us.  The larger pattern is one that encourages us to make choices about our life not listening to what we want, but based upon what we believe other people will think, or what other people have led us to believe is possible, or sensible.  As a result, we can often travel very far away from what our heart is whispering to us.  We may find we’re living a life that we “should” be happy about, or that looks perfect from the inside out, yet we are not happy.

If this is you, ask yourself, “whose life am I living?”  Is it the one that others have told you will be right for you?  Or are you making life choices whispered from your own intuitive guidance?  It is in these heart whisperings that we uncover the decisions that are right for us, regardless of the judgments and opinions of society, family, and friends.

No matter how well intentioned other people in your life may be, they can only know what’s “right” for them.  The only way to live the life that is truly “right” for you, is to take the steps that are illuminated by your own heart.