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The Elephant in the Room

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

I love the visual that connotes.  What are the elephants in your life you are currently ignoring?

It can be scary to face our fears. Yet it is scarier to not.  Unfaced, our fears get fed, growing in the background of our existence until one day, the fear is as big as an elephant, or bigger!

One of my children is currently experiencing a chronic illness, that I believe one day he will overcome.  However, the process is not easy.  It is very scary when your body feels out of control.  Without actually looking at the entirety of his situation, he cannot truly move forward in a postive direction.  While he can’t change the current symptoms of his condition, he can change his experience of them.  By facing his fears and acknowledging them, he is shining light where darkness is lurking, cleaning out the corners where the cobwebs are growing, and changing the parts that are within his control.

It is a very challenging practice, requiring vigilance, discipline, and persistence, to stop feeding our fears.

While some things cannot be changed, it is always possible to change some things.
Within our control are our attitudes and beliefs, our thoughts and internal dialogues, and our perceptions and interpretations.

I invite you to acknowledge and face the elephants currently hiding in your room. Ideally catch them when they are only mice, or cats, or goats.
Stop allowing them to be subconsciously fed and grow.

Do what is within your power to change what you can in order to make things the best for you they can be.