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Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

How often do you find yourself feeling jealous of someone else?  Maybe they have more money than you, or you think they are thinner, prettier, or have nicer clothes than you.  Perhaps they drive the car you always wanted, or have a job you think you want.   Perhaps you think they have a better spouse, or more friends.  Whatever you are jealous of can be what you attribute to the other person’s ability to give more, do more, create more, be more.  Even if you are the recipient of their acts of kindness, if you convince yourself that it is happening because they have it easier than you in some way, not only are you rejecting the gift you’ve been given, you are diminishing it’s very nature, and yours along with it.

When we appreciate traits, characteristics and acts of goodness in others, as beautiful exhibits of a human being at their best, not only do we shower deserved goodness back on them, we foster it within ourselves as well.  We often see in others, that which is a reflection of what we see in ourselves.  The more we see what we desire in others, not from a place of jealousy, but rather from a place of appreciation, the more we will experience these very same characteristics, traits, and abilities within ourselves.

I invite you to start noticing, admiring, and applauding the attributes in others that you desire for yourself.  In this way, they become yours too.