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Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

All things in nature grow along a life cycle, whether plants, animals, or human beings.  As humans however, we have an option to grow spiritually in addition to physically evolving.  Yet change is often so challenging to embrace.  And resistance to change is often more powerful than risking the reward of leaving the familiarity of what we know, even if it not longer fits us.

Often there will come a time when the resistance of fear toward the unknown starts feeling like restraint.  This is a pivotal time, when we have to choose to remain stuck and small, or to risk change and growth.  As a snail who has outgrown his shell, this is our opportunity to leave the safety we have outgrown and become completely vulnerable.  In the liminal space between the security of our old shell and the new one to come, we find ourselves completely exposed.  While this is incredibly scary, it is also exhiliarating and freeing.  It is the chance to expand, create anew, and become a fuller expression of ourselves.

While our physical bodies will travel through a life-cycle journey whether we want it to or not, our free will determines if we choose to take life’s opportunities to travel spiritually through a life-cycle journey and grow, change, and risk everything we know in pursuit of allowing the bud of our essence to flower into the blossom of full existance.  What do you choose to do?