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Getting back up

Monday, December 5th, 2011

So often we’re afraid to try something new, or do something others deem as impossible.  Maybe we want to be an inventor, an author, a song writer, a dancer.  Maybe we want to get a certain job or go for a certain degree, but we think we’re too old, too poor, not smart enough, or capable.   Maybe we want more from our relationship but we’re convinced we can’t get it, nothing we do will help.

However, every time we try something, anything, that is a step toward our desired results, we are closer to succeeding in achieving some measure of our goal.

Each time we fail we have an opportunity to learn something that will help us be more successful next time.  Every failure is a step closer to success.

Yet how often do we give up at the first sign of failure?  How often to we let one adversity or defeat discourage us from ever trying again?

If we can actually measure success, not in the end result, but rather in the getting back up and trying again, the journey of our life can remain full of potential, possibilities and fulfillment.  When we commit to not giving up, but rather always getting back up, we are committing to our success, however long it may take to happen.  This makes success guaranteed every step of the way no matter when the end result happens.

So every time you get back up and try again after a failed attempt, congratulate yourself!  That action in and of itself is success in the making.