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Friday, September 16th, 2011

I want to post this quote I received today from the Daily Guru.  It seems like a great follow up to what I wrote yesterday.

How much power are we draining from ourselves when we constantly berate and diminish who we are?  When we look to compare ourselves to others and make self-judgments in response, we are seeking our answers from outside ourselves.  It’s hard to connect to our strength and discover our own answers if we are treating ourselves poorly and believe we are not good enough as we are.

If you can treat yourself with love and care, acknowledging all the good you truly are, then others won’t seem better to you, even if they are richer or hold a more prestigious job.  We are all powerful within ourselves and we are all everything at one time or another, what we deem good, bad, and extraordinary.  We are also each unique.  If we embrace our uniqueness, we can connect to the power that is our ultimate essence.

Try not to judge yourself from the outside in, according to everyone around you.  Instead, look within yourself, find your gifts, acknowledge their presence and share them.

How do you treat yourself?

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Most of us don’t even realize how we talk to ourselves.

How often do you make a small mistake only to then berate yourself for hours and days afterwards?

How often do you make a mistake and lovingly tell yourself it’s okay, you’ll learn, move on, and do better next time?

We tend to struggle to be gentle and forgiving with ourselves.  We live much of life feeling guilty over what we’re not doing, or ashamed of what we are, we criticize ourselves for not being thin enough, tall enough, good-looking enough, smart enough, rich enough…I say, ENOUGH!

Life isn’t about being mean to yourself.  Nor is it about being anything other than who you are.  When we beat ourselves up we merely keep ourselves down.  Listen to how you speak to yourself throughout the day, and try to support and boost yourself.  In this way you will grow into the very best you are.