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Fear in the future

Friday, June 17th, 2011

We spend so much of our lives in a state of anticipation, often anticipation of what we don’t want to have happen.  It leads us to living a life in our heads rather than in our bodies and hearts.  You can’t anticipate the present moment because it’s already here.  You know what it is, what it holds, what it looks like.

There are very few moment’s in the present that include fear itself, although there are definitely some.  However, living in anticipation of these potential moments, we end up living through exponentially more in our heads, conjured up by our thoughts, than ever actually materialize!

So the next time you find yourself experiencing fear, ask yourself, what am I afraid of?  Then ask, what part of this fear is actually true right now in this moment?

Try to be present in what is.  Live where you are now.  This is how you can be connected with your body and heart, and live an integrated life based more in your reality than merely in your mind.  You can direct your mind according to what your body tells you and your heart feels.  Instead of allowing your mind to direct your body and heart away from RIGHT NOW by focusing on what is is afraid of in the future.

Getting perspective

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

It’s always so easy to see what’s going on for someone else.  We tend to know just what’s happening for them, why, how, when and where.  We can offer up advice quickly and feel confident in what we’re saying.

Yet it can be so hard to see our own situations with anything close to the clarity we can have for others.  This is because of our perspective.  When you’re sitting in the picture so to speak, it’s very hard to see it with any vision of the picture itself.  What you’re seeing is an outward look from within your situation rather than an outward look of your situation.

So the next time you’re struggling with a situation, ask a trusted friend for some perspective, and try it on and see what feels accurate to you.  You can also consciously try to observe your situation from a few steps back to better understand the big picture.

Most of all, I invite you to be kind to yourself and understand that this is all part of your journey.  Rather than have unrealistic expectations of yourself, embrace your role in the picture of your life, and try to live it with love, integrity and intuition.  Aspire to be the most beautiful presentation of yourself possible in the picture of your life, moment by moment, frame by frame.  Trust when you live with this intention, you are!