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True sight

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

Our eyes give us the gift of sight.  We can see the physical world around us, flowers blooming, ocean waves rolling, dinner before us, our children growing.  Yet sometimes when we take things at face value based on what we see with our eyes, we can be deceived.  Things are often other than they “appear”.

However when we see with our heart, we experience more than meets the eyes in your head.

Many people wear glasses to improve their vision.

How can you improve the vision of your heart?  By trusting your inner feelings, and your intuitive hits.  One way to hone these skills is through meditation and spiritual practices that strengthen your inner connection.

Seeing with your heart allows you to look beyond what is immediately before you.  This sight can often show you a greater picture with meaning that simply cannot be seen with the naked eye..with or without glasses!