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Where are you looking?

Friday, April 29th, 2011

How often do you find yourself focused on the things that you’re not happy with, and discount all the things you have that make you happy?

How often in relationship with another do you find things going well until one negative thing triggers you and all the good leading up to that moment disappears?

So often we see what other people have and are convinced their world is so much better than ours?  We believe they have what we want.

Yet if we can learn to value the good we have, whether it be the people who love us and who we love, our health, a sunny day, whatever brings us joy, then we can stop search for our treasure.

Each of us already has treasures unique to ourselves.  Rather than seek them beyond ourselves, the challenge is to recognize them within and around ourselves.

We have what we think we’re missing, it just may not look like what we imagine.  Or we may focus on the parts in our life’s picture that we don’t like.  This makes us believe what we desire is somewhere other than where we are.

This doesn’t mean, you must never look to change your situation if you’re not satisfied or happy.

However, we all can rise to the challenge of seeing our own diamond necklaces that we already have.  Look in the mirror.  Reflect on your life.  Open your eyes.  See with your heart.  This is how you can see the treasures you already have in your possession.