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For granted or for gratitude

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

It’s easy to take health and feeling good in our bodies for granted, until we get a paper cut, or a hang nail, or something much worse.  Then we tend to get angry that we hurt.  Yet were we ever grateful when we weren’t hurting?

How often do you express gratitude when you open your pantry and find the snack you want?  Or when you pour that needed cup of coffee in the morning?

When do you give thanks for the roof over your head, the sun when it shines, the rain when it falls, the smell of flowers when you walk by?

It’s so easy to take things for granted as you get use to having them.  This also goes for love and the people in your life.  So often we tend to treat the people we love the most, the worst!  It’s easy to be in a bad mood and let it all hang out with a family member.  It’s even easier to rip ourselves up with a barrage of negative self-talk anytime we don’t meet our own expectations.  This self-talk diminishes and demeans our very essence.  Yet if you choose to be grateful for your strengths and your goodness, you are improving your mood, and lifting yourself to being able to be your best.

When do you show gratitude for the family members, close friends, and even yourself, for putting up with your moods and temper?  Rather than expect them to always be there for you, why not be grateful for the fact that they are?  You can also be grateful to yourself for all you are, rather than being angry or disappointed about things you are not.

When you focus on the love you share with others and yourself, it can inspire you to give and be your very best.

I invite you to examine where you take things for granted and where you feel gratitude.  I believe if you open your eyes you will see that nothing and no one in this amazing experience we call life deserves to be taken for granted.