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The distraction of details

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

It’s easy to get caught up in the details of our lives.  If I hadn’t done this, this wouldn’t have happened.  If I had done this, this would have happened.  If you had or hadn’t done this or that, this would or would not be happening!  We usually start thinking this way when things are not the way we want.  We fixate on the details.  Why this?  Why that?  Why me?

We perseverate over what we or someone else could have done differently.  We believe we have control over what happens by our actions.  Indeed there are times we absolutely do!  We certainly participate in what happens to us.  Yet some things are beyond our control.

Ultimately the details don’t really matter.  Everyone’s details are different, however behind the details, in our patterns of thoughts and the emotions we feel, provide us all with similar experiences.  We feel rejected, become filled with self-doubt.  We feel angry and want to stand up for ourselves.  We become resentful when we don’t feel we’re being heard.  We often struggle to speak our truth.  Yet when we do find our voice and communicate our heart in a way that can be heard, we feel exhiliaration! 

If we get caught up in the details though of what is happening and trying to figure out why it’s happening, we often lose sight of what we have control over.  Our responses to the emotions we experience in reaction to the details of our lives is where we can effect change.  So look past the details, and uncover the opportunity to empower yourself in the ways you can!