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A Masterpiece of Art

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Do you act like the artist of your life?

So often it seems people believe life happens to them.  They are the victim not the creator.  From this perspective, you tend to focus on what is beyond your control, seeing the negative and the undesirable aspects of your life.  However, if you see yourself as the artist, and recognize that so much of what is around you has the potential to be something other than what it seems, then you have the power to create a masterpiece of your life.  Your paint brush is your intention.  Your paint is your emotion.  Whether you are aware of this or not, these elements are constantly creating the picture of your life in every moment.

How often do you direct your paint brush of intention toward positive solution and magnificent expression?  How often are you painting with colors of anger, resentment, hatred and disappointment?  How often are you painting with love, gratitude, trust and joy?

Whatever you believe is your dream come true.

If you look at your life, what are the colors and emotions that dominate your current life’s work of art?  What design has your intention outlined?  If you are not happy with any part of your picture, set a new intention, and paint with love.  Sometimes you are presented with images in your masterpiece that may challenge you to find a way to incorporate positively, or paint in an uplifting manner.  Our life’s picture is like a rolling movie, always changing.  Even in tougher times, you have the power to shift the hues, focus on the parts of the picture that bring you the most joy, and hold a paint brush intending to create more of what you desire in the next frame of your life.