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Tough lessons

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

     Circumstances are our teacher.  When we choose to learn the lessons offered in our circumstances we become empowered rather than victim to them.  It is up to us what we are willing to see about ourselves as a result of what circumstances are showing us.  Then it becomes our choice to make changes based upon what we see if we feel that will help us to grow and improve.  Opportunities for such personal growth are constantly being provided by life. 
     Learning means growing, stretching and changing.  None of these things feel comfortable while you’re going through them.  Often it can downright hurt.  We don’t usually learn much from what is easy for us.  It is in the things that push our pain buttons and challenge us beyond our comfort zones that offer our greatest opportunities to learn and grow.  This is why learning is not always fun.  However, it is always rewarding.
     How open are you to receiving the lessons life is offering you today?  What is it that you are being taught?