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How are you influencing your life?

Monday, October 11th, 2010

    Everything we experience in life starts with an interpretation.  Our interpretations come from how we categorize and judge the world around us.  Many times these judgments stem from direct experiences we’ve had in the past.  Almost always they include assumptions, assumptions that what happened before will happen again and assumptions that we make to fill in wherever holes may exist in the picture before us.  We fill these holes according to what we think and believe they are.  Yet they may not be this way at all.
     This is why we can hear the same thing again and again and again, from many different people, and we keep hearing what we think we’re being told.  Then at some point, we may be told the same thing again, yet this time we hear something new in what is said.  What’s changed?  The message has remained the same, yet our interpretation is different.  As we change, our world around us changes.  Yet has the world around us really changed?
     How much do you think you are influencing how you see the world around you from preconceived notions and assumptions?  How accurate do your interpretations tend to be?