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Loving the journey

Monday, August 9th, 2010

How many times do you hear yourself or others say, if only I had the perfect job or the perfect relationship, or the perfect house, or the perfect kids, or a million dollars, then I’ll be happy?  It’s as if we can only be happy when everything is exactly as we deem perfect, our dream come true.
     Yet how often is everything exactly the way we think it “should” be?  It’s easy to miss the perfection that already is along the way of our life’s journey if we’re waiting for everything to look like what we have decided it should look like.
            So long as you’re not stuck, and you’re moving forward toward your goals, desires, and dreams, each step along the way there IS perfect!  If you can relish the ride, the success comes from the doing, regardless of where the road leads or how things unfold.  With this perspective, failure cannot happen, only a life lived to the best of your ability.  
     What step are you taking toward your dreams today?  How fulfilling are you finding the process of reaching for them?